Prospective Prospecting or Hang Around Period

The Prospective Prospect in Black Havoc  may be considered a "hang around" period by other MC's.  Time spent as a Prospective Prospect is just a honeymoon. You are not a member or representative of the club and neither you or the club has a claim on each other. It is a time when you size up Black Havoc and ask yourself if we are what you want. It is also a time when we are sizing you up and asking ourselves if you are what the Black Havoc MC wants.

Prospecting For The Black Havoc Motorcycle Club


Purpose of Probation / Prospecting

Prospecting is a period of time (usually 180 days but can be much longer) that is sustained until the person, in every sense, conducts themselves with the respect that is mandated to be a Patchholder of Black Havoc MC. It's a time in which:

Your attitude is conditioned so that you display a sense of responsibility and respect toward the patch holders of the Black Havoc , without which you would  not develop a sense of respect for the group.

  • You are educated in basic MC protocol and etiquette.
  • You are educated in how to ride in the Black Havoc MC pack and make us, at all times, look good.
  • You are given time to develop the habits that are basic to good security and good communications within the club.
  • You get into the habit of participating in the club activities, sharing, being part of a team, taking the "I" out of your vocabulary and inserting the "WE" and reforming your stingy ways so that you become an irreplaceable part of the team!
  • You become accustomed to trusting the judgment, at times blindly, of those patch holders who will someday be your brothers and to whom you may one day depend upon to save, or whom you may one day owe your life.  
  • You develop life long, valuable and meaningful relationships with EVERY member of your Black Havoc chapter.  You won't be invited into Black Havoc unless every member votes yes so this is your time to get to know every member and convince them that you are worthy of the patch they love and cherish.

The list could go on but the point here is to demonstrate that probationary period has definite objectives and that you will go nowhere in the club if are not aware of this and don't not apply yourself to those ends. It's not possible to make a complete checklist of what is expected from a person in all cases. There isn't any formula for success, but the key is maintaining a positive mental ATTITUDE AND RESPECTING others. Everything else you need to know can be learned in time, but a good attitude, manners, decency, trust-worthiness and loyalty comes from the heart.  These are things no one can teach you and the prospecting period will let others see if you are worthy of the time and effort it takes to make you a member of Black Havoc MC.

Starting a Local Chapter

Think you have what it takes to help Black Havoc MC accomplish its mission? Want to bring Black Havoc MC to your city? Do you have 4 more brothers that can meet the Black Havoc MC Standard? Contact us at info@blackhavocmc.comand we will send you info on starting a local chapter!