Capone has been involved with the MC world since 1991. Cutting his teeth as a street racer on the lucrative back streets of  Chicago. Capone developed a fearless riding style that has given him a great appreciation for the power of big CC's!

Vice President/Founder


Law has been involved in the organized biker scene since 1985. He is our resident go to guy on all things MC. If it's to be known, he knows it. Though he is definitely a no nonsense biker he is approachable.


The Chicago Chapter of Black Havoc MC was started in December of 2012. The chapter was started with 10 members (Capone, Law, Marty Mar, Heavy, Dirty, Big Dapp, TreIceHer, Pretty Boy, Unc, and B Easy). The process of becoming a fully sanctioned Illinois MC was long and grueling but culminated into Chicago's premiere MC in March 2014!


Marty Mar